My Heating and Air Conditioning worker Told Me

Today has been coming for some time now. There should not be 1 bit of surprise. So, why wasn’t I preparing? The year 2020 is right around the corner as well as I have done nothing about a critical decision. My decision really has nothing to do with the important political choices to be made. The decision I’m facing is important because it affects me as well as our immediate family. Our outdated Heating and Air Conditioning method is about to get another strike against keeping it. The federal government will outlaw the production of R 22 Heating and Air Conditioning refrigerant in this country on the first day of 2020. Like I said, I have seen this coming for quite some time now. Actually, over 2 years ago, our trusted Heating and Air Conditioning tech told me all about the R 22 situation. However, this was just 1 in the litany of reasons he had for me to begin considering Heating and Air Conditioning upgradement. I heard him the first time but simply moved on to more important business. Now, I simply have to make a decision on what to do with this outdated Heating and Air Conditioning. It still runs but has steadily gone down hill with every passing season. The summer time is really hot here. Our Heating and Air Conditioning machine can hardly keep up. I have to keep the temperature control at 85 during the day just so the Heating and Air Conditioning can catch up. But now with this R 22 thing, I figure I just have to pull the proverbial trigger. I think it will be a new heating as well as cooling machine for our family in 2020.



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