The source of the sound

For the past few days we have been having some very strange noises going on at my house.

My wife and I are pretty used to hearing strange sounds due to being the parents of twin infants, but this sound is getting a little out of hand. We have determined that the source of the sounds we have been hearing are coming from our heating and cooling unit. After a bit of research online reading about people who have also heard some of the same strange sounds coming from their heating and cooling units we were feeling confident that there were pests who had gotten into the air ducts. We were quick to reach out to our local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company and they were nice enough to send out a repair tech just an hour later. Upon further inspection by a repair tech we hired it turned out that we didn’t have a pest problem at all, but it was a toy problem. Our two kids had decided that it would be a fun game to throw a huge amount of their small action figures into the air ducts just to see what would happen. The good news is that this is going to be a much quicker and less expensive problem for the HVAC repair tech to solve. The bad news is that we officially know that we have a couple of wild children. I guess we are going to have to put up some play pens around the heating and cooling unit so we don’t go broke paying for HVAC repairs!


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