My visit overseas and the HVAC

Last summer, I went on an overseas trip to Hong Kong! I had wanted to go there for years, after seeing Hong Kong in many movies growing up.

I can tell you, that maybe because the movies were old, Hong Kong was nothing like what I seen in the films back when.

I was actually quite let down by how it’s really no different than any other country (other than some of the nice landmark sites to see). But, what I can tell you I discovered over there, was that their HVAC systems are much higher quality than what we have here in the states! Even the most top of the line, and most expensive central heating and air conditioning system here could not even come close to the high end quality of the central heating and air conditioning systems over there in Hong Kong! I think they are one step ahead in their advancement of heating and cooling technology. They have to be. Because if they wern’t, we would have these better central heating and air conditioning systems that they have. It is almost like they have a whole home air purification system inside those heating and air conditioning systems. But, this is without having the extra expenses of investing in a whole home air purification system. I really just wanted to try to describe it the best I could, and that’s the way the HVAC systems I experienced in Hong Kong really were! If I could have bought one and brought it home with me, I most certainly would have without question!

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