The bad A/C in the limo got me a free ride

A whole bunch of us had rented a limo for the afterparty of our high school prom.

It was a really hot night that night, and when we got into the limo, we expected the air conditioning to be pumping nice and strong, however, it wasn’t! The air conditioning in the limo was really awful. It felt like you were sitting in a steam bath in some gym or something! After riding about 20 minutes in this, a few of our pals started to feel sick from the heat. At this point, we sadly had to call off the night on the town we were planning and have us taken home. We told the limo driver that we were going to either sue the company for giving us horrible air quality, or, they needed to rectify this by giving us free service some other weekend, with a limo that had working air conditioning as well as great air quality! The limo driver couldn’t help but agree with us, and actually thanked us for realising the issue with the air conditioning. He was starting to feel not well too, and was going to mention something to us about the air conditioning if we didn’t first. At least we were all on the same page here! When I got home, since I was the one who originally ordered the limo, I made the call to the company, they checked out my story, and they granted us that free night of limo service…with good air conditioning this time!



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