A nice retired HVAC technician

I was surprised the other day when I got off work, there was this guy working on our HVAC system.

He didn’t seem to be a professional HVAC technician, so I asked my wife what was going on.

She reminded me that we met this guy at the New Year’s party at my brother’s house. She said this was the guy that fixed his HVAC system before the party, and he came highly recommended from my brother. After talking to him, I learned that he was a retired HVAC professional and he didn’t mind helping people out for a low price. He mostly was just happy to help. When he had our HVAC system working great, I was talking with him for a little while. He turned out to be a really great guy and we invited him to come over for a BBQ on the weekend. It really was thanks to this guy that our A/C was working really well. He even provided us with some energy saving tips that were very helpful. I learned that in the winter season, it’s a good idea to use the light bulbs that emit a good amount of heat, to help your heating system system easily achieve the temperature control settings. In the summer season, it’s best to use the energy efficient light bulbs that emit very little heat which helps your cooling system not to struggle. It’s also a good idea to use blackout curtains to keep the sun from overheating your home in the summer months. These were some great energy saving tips, and we started saving money on the energy bills because of them.



Geothermal heat pump

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