My wife probably shouldn’t have done that

I didn’t feel right about it when my wife told me she found our daughter’s diary and read some of the entries.

  • At least, that was until she told me how thankful she was when I installed a new window A/C unit in her room.

She kept asking for a long time about getting a nice window A/C unit. I thought it wasn’t necessary a long while back but then came to realize that her room really was a bit overheated, even with the temperature control settings at a reasonable level in the household. She was so happy when I showed her the A/C window unit I got for her and she seemed to be in heaven when it was working for the first time in her room. I personally would never invade my daughter’s privacy like that, but I guess our daughter never found out about it. If she did know that her diary was read, she didn’t say anything about it. I think my wife really wanted to know if she was dating any boys. That is definitely something that makes me nervous because I am very protective of our daughter. She’s still my little girl, but I’m glad she still seems to love me as much as she always has. I’m glad that I got her that cooling unit for her bedroom. It seems that she has been in better moods lately, and she even has been getting better grades on her report cards. I figure that the relaxing temperature from the cooling unit helps her to focus on her studies a lot easier.

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