My lady easily shouldn’t have done that

I didn’t think right about it when our wifey told me she found our daughter’s diary plus study some of the entries.

At least, that was until she told me how thankful she was when I installed a new window air conditioner unit in her room.

She kept asking for a long time about getting a nice window air conditioner unit. I thought it wasn’t necessary a long while back but then came to realize that her room easily was a bit hot, even with the temperature control settings at a adequate level in the household. She was so ecstatic when I showed her the air conditioner window unit I got for her plus she seemed to be in heaven when it was working for the first time in her room. I personally would never invade our daughter’s privacy savor that, despite the fact that I suppose our child never found out about it. If she did recognize that her diary was read, she didn’t say anything about it. I suppose our wifey easily wanted to recognize if she was dating any boys. That is easily something that makes me anxious because I am certainly protective of our daughter. She’s still our little girl, but I’m ecstatic she still seems to savor me as much as she typically has. I’m ecstatic that I got her that cooling unit for her home office. It seems that she has been in better moods lately, plus she even has been getting better grades on her report cards. I figure that the unbelievable temperature from the cooling unit helps her to focus on her studies a lot easier.



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