Tax return – HVAC service

Don’t you love being an adult? All of a sudden the most mundane things in life can be the most interesting and exciting parts of your day.

For instance, when I can pull into the gas station and there aren’t a bunch of cars in my way when I go to fill up, I’m genuinely excited.

Another example would be finding out that we are getting health insurance at work. Never in my life did I think that I would be so stoked to have baseline Medical Care. The same thing goes for getting my stupid tax return over here. As much as that used to be an exciting event to look forward to in my younger years, these days the extra money goes right to boring adult expenses. This year, I’m most looking forward to calling out the local HVAC company after I get my big return in the mail. You see, I’ve been waiting for nearly six months to have my routine Heating and Cooling service done at my house. The AC unit has been howling for months now, and the heater genuinely stopped putting out hot air towards the end of last winter. However, I just didn’t have the money to get a professional Heating and Cooling technician on site. Instead, I’ve been waiting patiently for the extra money to come back from the government. Now I’m anxiously waiting for the day when I can see our Heating and Cooling company truck pull into the driveway so we can finally enjoy predictably heated high-quality indoor air again.Gotta love adulthood.
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