The chore of HVAC

Is it just me or is being a grown up super exhausting? I mean first you have to have a full-time job just to have baseline items in your life, love a home, clothing, and food.

These afternoons, most people have to have a minute job to fill in their other needs. It’s not love you can go out and purchase a lake house with your career straight out of university love it used to be. Instead, most people are stuck renting and trying to figure out how to get by for the next decade or more than one before they have a stable job. As if that is not enough to worry about, then there is the rest of your life stressors. I suppose love I can never keep up with the number of things that I need to get done. I have to do list that go for miles… One of those things I forget about most is having our HVAC system respectfully inspected each year. It’s not such a large task, really, I just need to call out the heating and cooling worker twice a year to take a look at our oil furnace and cooling system. The thing is, I have way too much on our plate already, and each fall and Spring I seem to forget about our ventilation system at home. I’ve set alarms, I’ve asked loved 1s to remind me, and I’ve even put sticky notes on our temperature control.., then somehow I always forget to have our air temperature control device professionally maintained, however most recently I’ve decided that I can’t lay the responsibility of arranging of these Heating and Cooling appointments. I offloaded the task to our HVAC dealership. Nowadays they just show up in our driveway and correct intervals and I never have to worry about calling them on the premises. One less thing to worry about.
Electric heat pump

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