What is up with the cat litter?

I got home from work the other evening and all I could smell was cat litter.

I don’t mean that it was used cat litter, but it was that dirty chalky smell that comes off the cat litter when you put it in the box.

I have an excellent sense of smell and some odors just make me cringe; pet food and cat litter are two of them. My dog was cowering in the corner and the cat was just watching him like a guard watching their prisoner. The litter bag was ripped up and the contents were strewn all over the floor. I wasn’t sure if one or both were responsible, but they were kenneled until I could clean up the mess. Neither of them was happy with me, but I didn’t care. I found cat litter all over my floor, my stove and even in the air vents. I found cat litter in their food and water bowls. I glared at them every time I saw them looking at me. I had to take the air vent cover off the air vent and carefully vacuum all of the cat litter out of the air duct. I wasn’t sure how much was down there, but even when I thought it was empty, I was still smelling it whenever the AC turned on. I had to call the HVAC company and ask them to clean my ductwork. Lucky for the two culprits, cleaning the ductwork was on my list of to-do’s for the summer or I would find a way for them to pay for the HVAC company coming to the house. I swear they are worse than kids.

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