I want to be a Heating and Air Conditioning worker

I don’t understand what part of our being a certified Heating and Air Conditioning worker, our parents don’t understand.

I have been saying this for 2 years now and now that I am graduating from high college, I still want to go to college for Heating and Air Conditioning certification.

They recognize I am deranged and they tell myself and others to go to college and get a regular education. I don’t want a ‘proper’ education. I want to be a certified Heating and Air Conditioning worker. I wanted to work in our father’s Heating and Air Conditioning company even though she says it is not for me. She tells myself and others I am too short and petite to do a great job, but I am going to prove him wrong. I took out our college fund and I sunk it into going to a great college that offered Certification courses in heating, ventilation and a/c. I was barely many foot tall, but I knew I could do the job. I was compact and I would be able to get into the small spaces and do the work easier. My fingers were small and I would be able to work on the more intricate components of the Heating and Air Conditioning system. My girlfriend thinks it is cool that I am going to Heating and Air Conditioning college with him, but our parents recognize she is the reason I am going. When I have our certification behind me, I am hoping to be able to work toward our business’s license. Then, if our girlfriend and I ever get married, the two of us can open our own Heating and Air Conditioning contracting company. She is going to design college so she can design the Heating and Air Conditioning system and do the orangeprints.



a/c tune up

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