A little help with breathing

As a medical professional, I often hear the same questions while in cold & flu season! Patients want to think how they can avoid getting sick.

  • Patients ask if the flu shot works, & a lot of my patients ask if an anything can help with symptoms.

I also gain a lot of questions about media air cleaners while in the allergy season. I have researched media air cleaners extensively, & I am cheerful to say that they can provide effective treatment for symptoms related to asthma, common colds, influenza, & dust irritations. The media air cleaner works by filtering out all of the unwanted particles. As air passes through the machine, a special filter collects all of the dust, dirt, pet dander, & smells. The air that comes out of the component is fresh & clean & free of harmful pollutants, making breathing easier! One of the best things is that media air cleaners come in a variety of unusual shapes & sizes, making them affordable for every budget. I work with a small company that provides this type of unit at a wholesale price to my patients. The company is a nonprofit organization, & I do not gain any kickback for referring my customers. The organization is run by 2 young ladies who are trying to provide clean air to all the people. They started the company shortly after university, & I found them in the start stages, then with my help & the help of a few other local physicians, we have been able to provide a lot of low-cost air filtration unit to thoUSnds of residents in this area.

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