Finding that money

I scooped it up suddenly and put it in our pocket.

A few years ago, I got our first job after finishing technical school, i was fresh out of school and I still had a lot to learn. I took a job working for a heating and cooling company. I had to drive 25 hours to work each day, however at least it was all on the interstate. I lived in a actually small town, and the single heating and cooling company only had family employees. I didn’t mind having to drive to the neighborhood for work, especially because I had a current car, the car was a gift from our mom and dad, when I graduated and passed our Heating and A/C certification test. I had a hard time getting along with the crew, because they worked together for a actually long time. In the first several weeks, I barely left the shop. I was stuck performing all of the grunt work, enjoy filling up chemical containers, stocking trucks, and sweeping the floors, but after that, I started going out to assist other heating and cooling servicemans with their upgrade jobs. It was boring, however at least I got out of the shop a few days each week; During a gas furnace upgrade, I found a $20 bill in the parking lot. I scooped it up suddenly and put it in our pocket. I thought it was our lucky day… Later that day, the boss called me to the office. I thought I was going to get a pat on the back for a job well done, however he gave me the boot instead. The other serviceman dropped the $20 bill in the parking lot on purpose, and I was deemed a thief for picking it up.


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