Replacing your old windows saves money by not losing air

My house is around 2 hundred years seasoned and has been an expensive project, but the house is large and just about everything is original, and very few updates have been made over the years.

The two of us needed to replace wiring, plumbing, the roof and the entire Heating and A/C system.

Trying to heat and cool such a large house is a nightmare; Because of the high ceilings, the heat tends to rise up and leave the section close to the floor freezing. The house seems to trap moisture in the Summer yet becomes overly dry in the winter. The windows were absolutely allowing a tremendous amount of our heated and cooled air to escape, standing in front of any of the windows while I was in frosty weather, it was easy to suppose a significant draft… In the summer, I blamed the excessive amounts of bugs coming inside on the windows, despite the fact that most of the windows were painted shut, they were not airtight. They were also single pane and not Energy Star qualified. I made it my mission to replace the windows, however each window cost various hundred dollars, although I saved some money by reading how to install them myself. It took various years to get all of the various windows updated. Each one made an improvement in comfort and the cost of heating and cooling. I ended up spending various thoUSnd dollars on new windows, so it will take awhile to reuse the investment; However, tightening up the house not only increases efficiency but helps with air quality and reduces wear and tear on the oil furnace and cooling system.


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