A second opinion was always my father’s answer

I know that it isn’t right to depend on your father when you are almost thirty.

  • I have always depended on him for his wisdom and his great leadership.

He taught me how to do everything that is important when you become an adult. He was the one who allowed me to work with him when he was doing repairs around the house. He was also the one who taught me the importance of having a clean air filter and having yearly maintenance and inspections done on my HVAC system. I was barely a teenager when he taught me how to change a tire and do my own oil changes. Most girls don’t have a clue about any of this. When I finally felt it was time to purchase my own home, I took him with me. I showed him my choices and he told me what he thought needed to be done to the house. I knew that he would offer to help me if that was the home I bought. We worked together on repairs and then we started working on the HVAC system. The furnace only needed a good cleaning and a few minor repairs. The ductwork needed to be professionally cleaned and sealed. The real issue was with the air conditioning system. I called the HVAC company and when the technician showed up, he told me that he thought I needed to get a new air conditioner. My father taught me that it is always best to get a second opinion before doing any major work. I called my father’s HVAC company and they showed up the following week. He told me that he felt all it needed was a new evaporator coil, which would be expensive, but cheaper than a new AC unit.

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