I need air conditioning and I can’t choose a system

I am twenty-six years old and happily unencumbered by a significant other.

I enjoy going out with the guys when I want to and not getting ragged on by a girlfriend.

I went that route for awhile, but I can’t do it anymore. I enjoy going out with girls, but I don’t want one telling me where to go and with whom. I like partying, and I have only been out of college for two years. I still want to party. I don’t even pay rent yet. I live in my mom’s basement apartment. I come and go at will, and I house sit whenever she is away from home, which is quite often anymore. She travels for work and for pleasure. I always get full reign of the kitchen and all I need to do is to watch her dogs. I love that I have internet and cell phone and I don’t even need to buy for the energy bills. Last week, mom left on a business trip and she will be going for two weeks. I am lost as lost can be. I need to get a new air conditioning unit. I had a window air conditioner but it broke the day after she left. I asked if anyone could fix it, but everyone agreed I should recycle it and get a new air conditioning unit. I’m not sure if I want to get a new window air conditioner, portable air conditioning unit, or ductless mini split HVAC system. I heard it is expensive to have a portable AC unit, so I think I will buy the ductless mini split system and I’ll be able to use my window.

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