My HVAC system stinks

When I was invited to go on a two week trip to two of my favorite countries, I couldn’t resist. I was offered an all-expenses paid trip to England and Ireland. My employer was paying me to go and have fun, while doing some research for an article I was doing. I was so excited and I couldn’t believe this was happening. I got someone to watch my dog and I was ready to leave. I had a blast, even though some of the rooms I stayed in, didn’t have heating like I would have liked. It was summer and they didn’t think heating was needed, but I lived in the south. Their summer was only in the fifties at night. After enjoying myself for two weeks, I had to head home. To be honest, I was ready to go home. I called from the airport and told my friend I would be stopping by on the way home. I couldn’t believe my dog was jumping up at the window when he saw my car. I felt so loved and missed. We quickly headed home, only to be greeted the most obnoxious odor I had ever encountered. I checked to make sure I hadn’t left trash in the house even before I turned up the air conditioning. I had the thermostat set at eighty while I was going. It wasn’t until the cooling AC was blowing through the air vents that I realized the odor was coming from the AC unit. I called the HVAC company only to learn that while I was gone, the added humidity had formed mold and mildew inside my ductwork and it was going to need to be cleaned and sanitized.

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