What do I need from a HVAC system?

Excitement abounds when you are looking forward to building a new home.

You know what you want and you start to make the lists.

I know that my husband and I spent hours just talking about how we wanted our home set up. I wanted huge closets and an eat-in kitchen. He wanted a spare room over the garage, just for his hobbies and a small workshop. We talked about the bathrooms and bedrooms and where we wanted our windows and how many. The only thing we didn’t discuss was what we wanted for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. I was working when I got a phone call from our contractor. He asked me if we had picked out a HVAC contractor for our HVAC system. I wasn’t sure what to say because, like I said, we hadn’t given any thought to a HVAC system. I told him to choose one for me and he said we would be getting a call. That evening, the HVAC contractor called and asked if we had time to discuss the HVAC system for our new home. It was time to install the heating and air conditioning units and any ductwork, if that was what we chose. We sat down and talked and when he told me how the ductwork was installed, I asked for his second type of heating. The only thing I thought was that I wanted radiant heated flooring. He said that we could go with a boiler system, which would heat with water. There would be water pipes, but no ductwork. I loved that idea, but I still had to decide what to do with the air conditioning.

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