A ductless mini split may be our answer

After a lot of going back and forth with our decision for heating and air conditioning, my husband and I were lost.

I really thought that I wanted to have a boiler, but there was no air conditioning system that went with the boiler.

We would either need to install a central AC unit which would still require we use ductwork, or we would need window air conditioning units. I wasn’t happy with this situation. I didn’t want to see a window AC unit hanging out of the windows of my brand new home. Finally, the HVAC contractor told us about ductless mini split units and how they work. He told us there was an outdoor and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit was hung high up by the eaves and the indoor was at the top of the wall. They were able to drill a small hole in the wall which would have conduit running through to connect the indoor and outdoor units. They worked much like a window air conditioner in that the mini split would take the heat from inside and force it outside. With ductless mini splits, you could switch the function to pull the ambient heat from outside to heat your home. You could get up to three zones with each outdoor condenser. Each zone would have its own thermostat. The ductless mini split is at least 30% more energy efficient and it runs quietly without being an ugly fixture in your home. It also frees up the floor area from the need to have air vents.


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