My heater can take the cold

Last Wintertide put our heating idea to the ultimate test! Luckily, I have always been the kind of gas furnace owner that has been proactive in ensuring that all manner of preventative repair is done on our device long before I have a real need for it, but i never have extensive gas furnace repair done any later than November.

I urge our family plus friends to do the same, however for the most part, they do not need much encouragement… They do not mess around when it comes to protecting their families with sufficient heating while all of us were in the worst of the Wintertide either! It can be a matter of life plus death in some areas.

I guess this was never more true for our community than last winter! Sporadically, the windshield brought the real feel temperature to -50 degrees! This was the kind of frigid that even our robust heating units were not meant to face! Every one of us truly had to bump our normal temperature up at least multiple degrees. I plus our family were also truly careful about opening exterior doors plus did everything all of us could to keep the heat inside the apartment where it belongs! I was also truly grateful that I had our apartment weather-stripped about a year ago to prevent the escape of heat plus the invasion of the cold. Even with these preventative measures it was exceptionally cold. Every one of us bundled up in multiple extra layers with thick socks plus slippers, you can bet all of us did not go outside for pretty much anything! Yet, our heating device managed to create a relatively comfortable environment while all of us weathered the Wintertide storm!


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