We probably should have just got a new truck

The other week, our truck finally broke down.

The transmission had gone out & when my wife started looking at the truck, we found out that the frame was rusted all the way through.

The people I was with and I knew we had to get a truck for plowing our driveway & just getting out of the household when it snowed. I was standing in the home office when my wife came upstairs & her eyes were completely glittering. She told myself and others she was going to build a jeepota. She was going to use the motor, brain & Heating & Air Conditioning device from the truck & put it into the ancient jeep frame she had. I couldn’t honestly believe she was going to take the trucks completely apart & create a jeepota. The car couldn’t be used on the road, obviously, but it would make an excellent farm vehicle. Two weeks passed & all she had to do was attach the Heating & Air Conditioning device. She said that no car was driveable if it didn’t have some type of heating or cooling system. She was unquestionably willing to go separate from the cooling device as long as she had heating while she was plowing snow around the property. I never even thought that she would be able to get the jeepota working although she was driving it around the property in no time. Somehow she got the switches mixed up & she was getting the cooling system when she hit the heating function. It was the only actual mistake she made, although she said it made her jeepota completely unique. Just the fact that she built a jeepota makes it completely unique. Who cares if the cooling device turns on with a heating button.

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