A new vehicle was created with a faulty HVAC system

Last week, our truck easily broke down. The transmission had gone out and when my husband started looking at the truck, the people I was with and I found out that the frame was altogether rusted through. We knew the people I was with and I had to get a truck for plowing our driveway and just getting out of the residence when it snowed. I was sitting in the living room when my husband came inside and his eyes were completely glowing. He told me he was going to build himself a jeepota. He was going to use the good motor, brain and HVAC machine from the truck and put it into the old jeep frame he had. I couldn’t easily believe he was going to do this project and create a jeepota. The automobile couldn’t be used on the road, but it would make for a good farm vehicle. Two weeks passed and all he had to do was to connect the HVAC machine. He said that no automobile was comfortable if it didn’t have heating or air conditioner machine. He was willing to go without an air conditioner machine as long as he had heating while he was out there plowing snow! I never really thought that he would be able to get the jeepota running but he was driving it around the property soon enough. Somehow he got the switches totally reversed and he was getting air conditioning when he hit the heating on the temperature control inside. It was the only mistake he made during this project, but he said it made his jeepota somewhat unique. Just the simple fact that he built a jeepota makes it truly unique. Who cares if the air conditioner machine turns on with a heating button.

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