A fight on the playground

I had to go to the principal’s office the other day. When I got into the office, my son was sitting on the bench waiting for me. I asked him what he did and he whispered he couldn’t talk when he was being punished. I had to smile because my five year old was listening. I sat down next to him and waited for someone to send me into the principal’s office. Micky wriggled a bit because it was warm in there and he had a coat on. I told him he could take off his coat but he ignored me. I gently eased the coat off him and he was still quiet. I was thinking that maybe he was enjoying sitting there with the warmth of the air vent, but he wasn’t noticing anything but the secretary. I told him that it was snowing outside and he didn’t even flinch. I then asked him if he wanted me to turn on the air conditioning and he still didn’t flinch. I sat there for five more minutes and the secretary called me over. She told me that he had been fighting on the playground. I asked if he was in a lot of trouble and she told me the fight was about her. The one little boy said she was pretty and Micky got mad because he thought she was prettier than pretty. She told me she was flattered, but he couldn’t fight like that. I said something to Micky and he told me that he thought she was pretty pretty but he liked the heating in the office better than in his classroom.



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