I dropped my air conditioner out the window while trying to install it

My husband and I are living in an apartment temporarily, and I cannot wait to move out.

We live on the second floor, so it is not too high up which I am very thankful for because I am super afraid of heights.

I do not really even enjoy looking out the window while I am on the second floor. My husband thinks that it is hilarious, but I have trained him not to tease me about it anymore. He still cracks jokes about it every once in awhile. We bought an air conditioner about a week ago, and I was determined to install it all on my own. My husband suggested that I waited until he got home from work because he knows how afraid of heights I am. I was going to wait, but then I got impatient because the house felt really warm, so I carried the air conditioner to the window. I opened the window and tried to install the air conditioner. It was a little small for the window, so I tried to open up the extension part, and that is when everything went wrong. I lost my grip on the air conditioner and dropped it out the window. I watched as it shattered into many pieces in the yard below. I was so embarrassed when my husband got home, and I had to tell him the whole story. He just laughed and we went out and bought another one. We bought the same one, and that time I did not even attempt to install it on my own. My husband and I did it together, and now we have a nice cool apartment.

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