I found my new favorite HVAC unit

My husband works for an HVAC company, and I love that he does because we get new HVAC products all of the time.

  • My husband truly believes in what he works on and sells, so we buy almost every new thing that comes out.

Recently, a new smart thermostat came out, and my husband decided that we needed it. I was a little hesitant at first because it was pricey, but my husband told me some really cool things that it did, and he basically sold me on it. I am so thankful that he did because it is my favorite HVAC unit that he has ever convinced me that we needed. It has some really cool timing options that I use because I like the house to be cooler during the day and evenings but warmer at night and in the mornings. I never remember to manually change the temperature at night, so it is so nice to have the timing options that our new smart thermostat has. It also looks a lot cooler than our other one. It came in a few different color options, so we got a red one. It really pops on our light colored walls. I love how easy and convenient it is to use. I showed my thermostat off to a few people that I work with, and they were really impressed. I may have convinced one of my coworkers to buy one from himself. If it actually does happen, my husband will be so happy with me. He gets commission for each unit he sells, so it will be good for us financially as well.

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