I do not like the smell of my propane heater

I live in a really cute little town.

  • I love it.

It has all the small town feels, but it also has a lot of shopping options. My plans after college were to get married and start my career however, I have not met that special someone yet, so I am just living the single life. I actually enjoy being single right now. I have a lot of time that I can spend with my girl friends, and we have so much fun together. My best friend and I just started renting an apartment together to save some money. We get along really well, so we knew that we would not have any issues with living in the same house. We keep each other company, and we have a lot of fun. Our apartment is small but pretty modern. We have figured out that it has some heating issues though. The apartment never gets as warm as we would like it to. My best friend called the landlord, but the landlord said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the furnace. It only gets to about sixty degrees in our apartment, and both of us freeze. A friend of a friend offered us a propane heater to supplement some heat. We took him up on his offer, but I did not realize at the time how much it would smell. I guess I never smelled the smell of propane before that. I literally gag when I get home each day after work. I hope to get an electric space heater soon because the propane one just is not cutting it.

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