It took me two days to clean my entire air conditioner

I live in a two bedroom apartment with one of my best friends.

  • We have lived together for over five years now, so we have our schedule pretty down pat.

We have broken the house into two different sections, and each week we switch sections that we have to clean. This keeps us from fighting about who cleans what, and it ensures that cleaning gets done each week. I figured out that there is one thing that we forgot to put on our cleaning list, and that was the air conditioner. We had never cleaned our air conditioner, and I realized that one day as I was cleaning the living room floor. I decided to take the task up for myself. I wanted it to be thoroughly cleaned since we had never cleaned it before, so I took it apart to clean it. I made the mistake of not taking a picture of what it was supposed to look like put all back together, so once I was done cleaning the AC unit, I tried to put it back together, but I could not remember how it went back together. It took me two days to get that air conditioner back together properly, and all I can do is look back and laugh at myself. Next time I clean the air conditioner, I will not take it apart so much. I think I will just clean the filter and the outside of the air conditioner. I told my roommate what had happened, and she still makes fun of me for it to this day. I do not mind it because I make fun of myself for it all of the time.

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