I was cleaning my air conditioner when my two-year old son decided to do something really gross

I love being a boy mom.

I have three sons.

My oldest, Rowen, is seven; my middle son, Wilson, is four; and my youngest, Louie, is two. They are constantly wrestling and fighting. It is sort of fun to watch. One of my favorite parts about motherhood is the one on one time that I have gotten to spend with each one of them. Rowen was an only child for three years, so he got a lot of attention. I got to spend time with Wilson while Rowen was in preschool, and now I get to spend time with little Louie while the other two are in school. I have to say, Louie is the naughtiest of them all. He is hard to keep track of too. I decided to finally clean my air conditioner the other day, but I really wanted to do it while Louie was taking his nap because I cannot turn my back on him for a second without him getting into something that he should not. Well on the day that I wanted to clean the air conditioner, Louie decided not to take a nap. I put him on the floor in the living room right next to me with some toys to keep him busy while I cleaned my air conditioner. I noticed that there were a couple of bugs that fell off the top of my air conditioner onto the floor as I was cleaning it, and I decided that I would pick them up when I was finished. I looked back about two minutes later and found Louie with a pile of bugs and two in his mouth. I was so grossed out. Needless to say, I decided to wait until he went to bed to finish cleaning the air conditioner.
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