Our HVAC technician is the best

I really must say, our HVAC technician is a really great guy.

We actually learned that he has autism, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t awesome! I believe he has aspergers which is on the autism spectrum.

The thing is, this guy is absolutely brilliant. He has told us that he was interested in working on machines at an early age and it just came naturally to him. He actually taught himself everything there was to know about heating and cooling technology and he kept up with everything over the years. Even though he already knew how to repair heating and cooling systems when he was young, he knew he had to get his HVAC certification, so he went for that. He actually managed to get a scholarship that covered the cost for his schooling which was fantastic. He took the schooling very seriously, and then he became one of the best HVAC technicians in his company. He is always great with our kids and tells us everything about what’s going on with our HVAC system. He gives us recommendations and he talks to us sort of like we are family to him. He always says that we’re his favorite clients, but I figure he must say that to all the families. He even brings toys and treats for the kids, and they go nuts every single time that he comes over to do work. They always just want to talk to him and play games, but we say that he has to be able to get to his work. He has other places to be after all. He doesn’t mind taking a little while to talk with the kids though, he’s always so happy to see them.

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