Showed up high

Sometimes I think about being a professional service technician for some sort of trade industry. I usually daydream about being an HVAC technician. It seems like a pretty great gig to have. I mean you’re just on your own all day long, driving around in a company truck and visiting different people’s homes. You get to be out on the road without a boss peering over your shoulder to check on your work. You get to see different scenery everyday and visit new neighborhoods that you otherwise wouldn’t see. You also get to check out local homes and get new ideas for architecture and Home Decor while you’re servicing the error handling machinery. I think it seems particularly laid back and relaxed, considering last time I had a professional HVAC appointment my Certified Technician arrived on the premises completely stoned. He was obviously high out of his mind, with eyes redder than a tomato. I still let him into the house and showed him directly to my failing AC unit. As long as he was here, I figured he should take a look at the cooling system. My intuition was correct, because he did an excellent job is servicing the central cooling system. He was so focused and careful with everything that he did to my AC unit, I believe that he carefully cleaned every single internal parts with his bare hands. I can’t say that it’s safe for him to be driving the HVAC truck inebriated, but I do think that his recreational drug use assisted with performing an excellent repair job on my home cooling system. Seems like a pretty cool gig.

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