Champagne cellar explodes

I made a huge mistake.

I did not take this job as seriously as I should have, and now I’m in deep trouble.

A few months back I was on the market for a new job and started posting my profile to several home sitting and pet sitting services online. Recently, I finally had someone contact me and asked me to stay in their home and watch their dog for a week while they were out of the country. I happily agreed to make the extra cash. When they showed me around the premises, I was sort of paying attention, but I was pretty distracted by their cute dog. Apparently I did not give them enough attention when they were describing the importance of their indoor air temperature control. I heard them talking about smart thermostats and a dehumidifier system that was way above my personal knowledge of HVAC systems, and I just blacked out. I figured since they had a smart thermostat, they would be able to monitor the indoor air temperature and air quality safely from wherever they were. I didn’t think I would need to pay any attention to the air quality for their dog and it felt cool enough in the house for me. What I didn’t realize was that their expensive champagne cellar was connected to a separate regular thermostat. Apparently, I was supposed to be monitoring that air temperature control device. I found out quickly what would happen if the air quality went unmanaged. I wandered into the champagne Cellar one afternoon and found a giant sticky mess everywhere. The air temperature had increased drastically and the champagne had exploded, in turn. Now, thanks to the HVAC system, I’m going to owe them for my house sitting adventure.



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