Why would anyone want to live where winter never comes

I can’t understand why anyone would choose to move south where there is never any winter. Winter is my favorite time of year. I have been in the south during the blazing heat of summer. The air conditioning is running everywhere. I have watched people running to or from their cars so they don’t need to be without air conditioning for longer than they need to be. The streets are nearly empty most of the time, because no one wants to venture outside in the sun. They also can’t get too far from the AC units. I have also been in the south during the winter. It is humid and miserable during the winter. I got up one morning and I had to wear a jacket, but the next day we were right back to using the air conditioning. I will stay in the north where we have a winter. The snow flies and the holidays are spent around our fireplace. In the summer, if you have a window air conditioner, it is enough to make you comfortable. I’m not sure why anyone would choose to live in the south, because I would always choose the north where I can have a real winter. I have lived in the north my entire life, but people who visit love it. I have family that lives in the south and they usually come to visit at Christmas. They are always disappointed if there isn’t any snow, but they always know the fireplace will be lit and they will always be cozy and warm.


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