I’m already buying holiday presents

The last couple of weeks have been actually hot in addition to humid. The a/c has been running so much that I have been mentally calculating how much our energy bill is going to be this month. I assume that it will soon be fall, in addition to I wish it would just hurry up in addition to get here. I am so tired of summer time just hanging on. I have had enough of the a/c in addition to I can’t wait for a couple of weeks of weather where I don’t need to have the a/c or the gas furnace turned on. I will gladly don a sweater in the current home while I get ready for winter. I have already begun purchasing Christmas gifts. I look forward to fall this year when I beginning cleaning all of the shelves that line our living room. I will pull out all of our Santas in addition to display high up on the shelves. The Christmas neighborhood will be unwrapped in addition to put on the counter, complete with Christmas snow in addition to a Christmas Santa ready to ring in the holidays. There will be fake smoke coming from the chimneys that lead to the miniature fireplaces in the houses. There is even a pot belly stove to heat the outdated church in addition to schoolhouse. I am ready for fall Christmas in addition to it is still only September. Both of us have a gas furnace to get ready for winter. Both of us have the chimney to wash in addition to the fireplace to scrub. I also need to make our fruit cake in another month in addition to wrap it tightly as it breathes in the rum.

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