harsh rain causes flooding around my air conditioning unit

Summer is consistently a wet season, however all of us have a wonderful deal of humidity, and that causes a lot of moisture in the air and in the clouds.

All of us have lots of rain, and there is usually an afternoon shower everyday.

Even though the rain usually only lasts for a few short minutes, periodically that downpour can leave a huge puddle of rain. yesterday it rained every single afternoon. There was a hurricane off the coast and every one of us received a lot of rain from the outer bands. The wind wasn’t terrible, but the rain was strong, fierce and steady. It rained all afternoon on Wednesday and Tuesday… When my wife and I woke up on Wednesday morning, the bottom of the AC equipment was covered in water. The water was almost high enough to cover some of the metal. My wife and I were concerned that the water would cause extreme disfigure to the AC unit. I decided to contact our Heating & A/C provider and ask a few questions. I explained that the water was starting to reach the AC unit. The Heating & A/C provider told us not to worry. The AC equipment is made to withstand lots of rain, snow, and other elements. The rain continued all through Wednesday and half of Wednesday. When it finally stopped coming down, our AC equipment was under 7 in of water. Thankfully, it did not take unquestionably long for all of the water to recede; Once the rain stopped coming down, all of the water eventually dissipated. My wife and I were concerned that the AC equipment would incur some disfigure, but it still works perfectly fine.

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