Should have appreciated the boiler more

When I first moved into my home I wanted to uproot the boiler system.

The boiler was located in the basement and taking up too much room.

It was rusty, dirty and severely outdated. I was all over my husband that the first thing we had to do was get rid of it. Thankfully we moved in during the winter season. We had no choice but to rely on the old boiler system for heating. Wow, boiler plans can really heat a house. Most larger homes can’t get by with a furnace or central heater. They need to seal up the rooms better, close certain air vents or get a supplemental heater. The boiler was able to heat the entire house with no issue. We did not have air ducts with the system either. No need for ductwork cleaning or worrying about energy waste. A boiler uses piping instead and hot water flows through the pipes. I later found that the pipes could actually be installed under the floors rather than around the baseboards. Hydronic heating is the most efficient method of heated floors. I could set the heater lower because the heat would not rise up to the ceiling and get wasted. No air is being blown so that means no dirty indoor air quality. Additionally it is a silent heating system. Sadly the boiler system died before we could do the addition. Now my husband and I own a fireplace system and hate it. I miss that big, ugly boiler in my basement terribly. I appreciate it now that it’s gone.


Cooling expert