Dependent on my phone but smart thermostats are so cool

It seems like everything we do is connected to our phones.

You can’t go anywhere without someone looking down at their phone and being in the way.

Going to a concert is so annoying with the talking, texting and picture taking. I also hate that people are totally insane and dependent about their phones. Sadly, I rely on my phone for way too many things. All my music is on that small device. When I work out, go for walks or cook in the house, my phone is used for the music. I also keep important notes, birthday gift ideas and passwords stored on my phone. Obviously I use it to contact people and send them pictures as well. The newest function my phone now serves is controlling my heating and air conditioning equipment. I recently updated to a smart thermostat and that runs off an app that you download onto the phone. I connect to the app and can turn on and off the HVAC. I can additionally set a timed schedule for heating and cooling as well. I pick the room, time and day of the week I want the temperature at. It really is quite neat. What is a nice little bonus is that anywhere with wifi allows me to operate my thermostat. On vacation, at work or just having a coffee, I can alter the HVAC to suit my needs. I even have it setup to receive air filter alerts, energy waste alerts and indoor air quality help texts to my phone. I hate that I’m dependent but I love my new thermostat.

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