Workday gets disrupted by air conditioner maintenance

Although I handle my job entirely from home, I work very long hours.

  • Unfortunately, because I am at home, people think that I’m available.

My mother will knock on the door and get frustrated when I don’t answer. My sister will ask me to babysit her toddler and get angry when I tell her I need to work. My husband recently scheduled professional maintenance for the air conditioner in the middle of my workday. Since my husband was out of town on a business trip, I had no choice but to handle the service visit. The appointment was scheduled for one o’clock in the afternoon. I figured I could sacrifice my lunch break to babysit the HVAC contractor. He finally showed up over an hour late. By then, I was absolutely starving. He didn’t apologize for being late and proceeded to walk through my house with his shoes on. He left a trail of footprints for me to clean up. I thought I might be able to continue to work at my computer while the technician handled the service of the air conditioner, but he kept asking me for things. He needed a flashlight and a rag and my vacuum cleaner. He then started asking me questions about my job. We figured out that he went to school with my father, so then he wanted to know all about my whole family. I just wanted him to take care of the air conditioner and leave. He spent several hours tinkering with the cooling system and disrupting my workday. While I know that air conditioner maintenance is vital to efficient and reliable performance, I’m never going through that ordeal again.


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