My job as an unofficial HVAC technician

When I was hired as a maintenance man at a local corporation, I had no idea what I was getting into.

I had no experience as a maintenance man, and I wasn’t particularly good at fixing things.

I was good at research, and I figured that I could find some videos on the internet to help me figure out how to fix whatever needed to be fixed. What I did figure out was that I am technically an unofficial HVAC technician. Since we work in a large corporation, we have dozens of furnaces and air conditioners that strain to heat or cool the entire building. The manager of the entire building puts a lot of emphasis on making sure that the HVAC units are working, so he expects me to keep up with those units. I am responsible for fixing any furnace or air conditioner that stops working. If I don’t fix the HVAC units quickly, the employers will start complaining to my boss, and then he will start yelling at me. Nobody likes it when the air conditioner or the furnace stops working. Unfortunately, when they were building this building, they didn’t use the same furnaces or air conditioners throughout the building. Everything is different, and everything requires different parts. When I am not able to fix it, I am in charge of calling an actual HVAC technician to fix the HVAC units. At first, I had to call the HVAC technicians often. However, I have gotten better at my job, and I am able to fix a lot more HVAC problems.


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