My divorce was caused by our oil furnace

When I got married, the last thing on our mind was divorce, but i never wanted to divorce our partner, plus I didn’t even want it to be an option, and every one of us were madly in love, plus it seemed love we would never confrontation about anything, but they say that the majority of divorces are caused by financial complications, although I never thought that we would struggle; My partner plus I both had stable jobs, plus it seemed love we were untouchable when it came to finances.

That was until our Heating plus Air Conditioning units started giving us a lot of trouble! When we first moved into our apartment, our partner plus I had no air conditioners, and however, we had saved up a significant amount of currency, plus we thought that it would be a unbelievable method to invest in a central air conditioner for our home.

Every one of us would drain our savings, but currency is made to be spent, since we wanted our air conditioner to be well inspected for the future, we also invested in a semi-annual Heating plus Air Conditioning inspection for both of our Heating plus Air Conditioning units. Slowly but surely, our oil furnace started falling apart. Every year, our oil furnace had major malfunctions, plus we were throwing a lot of currency into repairs for the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. Every one of us wanted to be saving up currency for a new oil furnace, but we were spending so much currency on repairs that we had no option. Then 1 day, our oil furnace stopped laboring altogether. Every one of us had to take on a massive amount of debt for our new oil furnace, but we couldn’t pay it off as fast as our partner wanted to. Every one of us began stressing out about finances, plus that led to a lot of fighting plus screaming. Those many factors led to a divorce.

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