Mini Split HVAC Solves Classic Home Heating and Cooling Puzzle

My little family just turned words into action. I have spent most of my life dreaming of living where I have vacationed since I was a kid. This had felt like such a total pipe dream for the longest time. However, after the birth of our child, my life perspective changed dramatically as did my wife’s. It seemed suddenly all in front of us. We could choose to live the lives that we actually wanted to live. Part of that equation was to live where we truly wanted to be. It was not required that we live in some uniform HVAC controlled condoplex. We could go live where we felt best. So, we ended up buying a beautiful old home in a rural area. The home is awesome although, it definitely needed immediate upgrades simply to make it livable. There was no HVAC at all other than a woodstove for heat during the winter. The winter’s are not as bad as the far north but not quite as mild as way south either. This just wouldn’t quite do given that the summers get hot. And, the wood stove is great but doesn’t heat the entire square footage equally. However, we definitely loved the appeal of having a wood stove and it is our primary heat source. Too help with the back part of heating the home, we installed a mini split HVAC heating and cooling unit. This thing really helped us solve the uneven heat situation while giving us a cooling option for the dead of summer. We could not be happier with the results of choosing the ductless HVAC alternative.

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