Chilling Out the Office in More Ways than One with HVAC Tech

My path to a career I love has been circuitous to say the least.

I had zero clue what I wanted to do coming out of high school.

The parents pushed hard to attend a university so, I took them up on it. It was a fairly dismal failure. If you don’t find the value of going to school to learn something or anything or everything, don’t go. This is about the only thing I took away from my first swing at higher education. That, and the HVAC is so much better than my old high school. So, I ended up bumping around jobs for a while until I found my passion for community redevelopment. It hit me like a hammer that this is what I would do with my life. I worked from the ground up, went back to school for a degree to compliment my experience and moved up the chain. Then I was in an HVAC controlled office wearing slacks. It was all very strange. What was stranger was working in an office environment. I couldn’t believe that people working in such an important and compassionate endeavor could be so completely petty. It was always something with that crowd. And, it was always some minor detail or stupid turf war. They even fought like heavyweights over the HVAC settings. It was bizarre. My boss asked me how I liked the office after I had been there about 2 months. I was honest. The place was a miserable space if you wanted to really concentrate on getting stuff done on our collaborative projects. I gave him the example of the HVAC wars. He said he could fix that with new HVAC technology. I told him that I wanted to go back to project site work.


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