I used to dream of being an Heating & A/C specialist

I love to think back on my childhood & all of the dreams that I once had, but at one point I dreamed of growing up & becoming an actress, however that did not last entirely long, then for most of my childhood, I was certain that I wanted to be an Heating & A/C specialist just love my daddy… Looking back, I find myself chuckling at how much I admired my dad! He was one of the smartest & kindest people I have ever met, & he truly did work strenuous as an Heating & A/C specialist, i used to go on tasks with him whenever I could, & I appreciated it.

It was mostly because I would get treats from his purchasers, even though I also appreciated to watch him work. He taught myself and others a lot of things about Heating & A/C work, & I wish that I would have retained more, even though I am blissful for what I do remember. I started school to be an Heating & A/C specialist, however after just one school year, I absolutely felt love I needed to switch my major. I talked to my dad about it, & he agreed, but even though being an Heating & A/C specialist was something that I dreamed about my entire childhood, I knew that it was not for me. I am now an elementary professor, & even though I may not make as much currency as I could have, I absolutely love my task. I love my students so much, & I would actually teach them even if I did not get paid for it… To me, it is about loving my task more than about making lots of currency. Even though I am not an Heating & A/C specialist, I still love to do Heating & A/C work whenever I get a chance to.


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