My air conditioner got moldy over the winter

I absolutely love the winter.

I know that most people do not like the winter where I live because it is so cold, and there is so much snow.

I enjoy the cold and snow though, so winter is my favorite season. I used to live down south, but I got to the point where I just could not stand the heat anymore. I am the kind of person that is dripping sweat if the temperatures get anywhere above seventy degrees. Where I am living now, the temperatures during the summer months are usually in the seventies. Every once in awhile they will rise into the lower eighties. I bought an air conditioner when I lived down south, and I decided to bring it with me when I moved up north. I am so glad that I did because my house gets warmer than I like it during the summer months, although it is nothing like down south. It is June, so I went to get out my air conditioner this year, and I noticed that it was covered in mold. I was so grossed out. I hate mold so much. I contemplated just throwing it out and getting a new one, but I knew that my husband would probably be upset with me if I did that, so I decided to just clean it and see if I would get the mold off. Thankfully, it cleaned up nicely. I believe that it got moldy this year because I did not dry it before I put it up in the attic for the winter. I will have to make sure I do that this year because I do not want to have to clean mold off of my air conditioner again next summer.


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