I don’t like spending time at my sisters

I truly do love my siblings so much, but every one of us are only fourteen weeks apart, so I have a built-in best friend for my entire life! My sibling plus I used to do everything together.

It was extremely hard for both of us when I met our fiance because I started spending time with him, of course, she was used to having our attention nearly 24/7.

My fiance and I have been married for various years now, plus our sibling has absolutely gotten used to not being around all of the time. Every one of us still try to spend as much time together as can be. I call her every single morning, plus all of us chat about how the morning was and most of the ridiculous things that happened at work. She has been renting a simple lake house for a few years now, plus I am trying to get her to move the heck out. She has had so many concerns that the property owner refuses to do. Currently, her furnace is acting up. I went to her lake house the other morning, and I noticed that it was much cooler than usual. I asked her why, plus she told me that her furnace was not heating the lake house plus it usually did. She said that she had tried to get ahold of the property owner various times, even though she would not answer or respond to texts. My fiance is relatively enjoyable with Heating, Ventilation, and A/C concerns, so she is going over to take a look at her furnace tonight. I truly hope this motivates her to transfer anywhere nicer. I do not like to see our sibling being treated so damn bad.
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