I got fired from my job as an HVAC technician, and for good reason

When I started working as an HVAC technician, I promised myself that I would work hard and try to change my life.

For a few years, before I started working as an HVAC technician, I was involved in a lot of criminal activity, mainly involving theft.

I had also become involved in drugs and such. However, the owner of the HVAC company promised me that he would give me a job if I turned over a new leaf and stopped doing all of that stuff. He would train me as an HVAC technician, and I would have the job as long as I worked hard and stayed away from the criminal stuff. For the first few months, I was doing really well. I was learning how to install and repair air conditioners and furnaces, and when I wasn’t working, I was minding my own business at home. However, one day we were asked to install a new furnace and air conditioner for a laser tag company that they were adding to our town. They hadn’t begun much of the construction, but they purchased the equipment needed from another company, and it was sitting close to the furnace that we needed to install. Among the equipment, I noticed two brand new tablets. At first, I promised that I would keep working on the furnace and ignore them. However, when the other HVAC technicians left, I couldn’t help myself. I took the tablets and stuffed them in my tool bag. I tried to leave without being caught, but my boss found the tablets after the owner noticed that they were missing. There goes my job as an HVAC technician.


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