The air conditioner in my camper is not working very well

I never dreamed that I would be living in a fifth wheel in my parents’ backyard.

It is not as bad as it sounds, but it is certainly not luxury living.

The reason I am living in a fifth wheel in their backyard is because I am in between houses right now. I love to buy houses and flip them. It is kind of a hobby of mine. I have flipped four houses since I graduated college, and I have actually made some good money doing so. I sold the last house that I flipped within two days of putting it on the market, and the house that I was going to purchase fell through. That is why I am living in a fifth wheel in my parents’s yard. Hopefully I will be moving out soon. It is the middle of July, and it is so hot. I am technically in the shade, but the air conditioner in my fifth wheel has not been working well lately. I am so nervous that it is just going to stop working altogether. The camper feels like a furnace when the air conditioning is not on, and there is no way that I could stay in there if the air conditioner quits working altogether. My parents have offered to let me stay in the house, but I am too stubborn. I like to think that I have something of my own to stay in even if it is a camper. I am going to be doing some repairing on the air conditioner this afternoon, but I have to admit that I am sort of nervous at what I will find.

Air conditioning repair