I love my little portable heater

Fishing is good for the soul.

At least that is what my grandfather always used to say.

Nothing makes me as happy as a good fishing trip. I have three sons, and they all love to go fishing as well. I do most of my fishing in the early spring and in the Autumn. I wish that I could fish more during the warm summer months, but my job really picks up during the summer, so I do not have very much time off to fish. My sons laugh at me and think that I am crazy because of the way that I fish. You see, I always have a small tent that covers just me in my chair and a portable heater. My heater is actually battery operated, and I have no idea how it works so well, but it heats up my little tent so well. I tend to end up shutting the little heater off because I get hot in my little tent. My sons may laugh at the way I fish, but they are all out there freezing to death while I am in my little tent as warm and content as can be. I have offered to buy them a little tent and heater, but they refuse to take me up on my offer because they are afraid of looking ridiculous. I personally think they look more ridiculous shivering in the cold all day long, but obviously they disagree. Someday they will learn not to care about what people think of them, but until then, I will enjoy my little heated tent without them.
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