Good HVAC Means Good Productivity

The work output hasn’t been so great lately. It gets going but quickly wavers before stopping altogether. The next thing I know, I am out of my office and onto some other periferey task. This cycle has begun to rinse, repeat now much more frequently. I swear, I think it’s the air conditioning in my office. It just gets uncomfortably warm in there, especially during peak heat of the summer. I work from home and I only make any money when I am in focused and creative on the computer. The more I break to get up, the more the meter stops. When I worked in an office, there was just such awesome HVAC the year round. It never mattered. Whenever, I walked through those doors, the environment was perfect. Now, a bit less perfect a bit more heat and kitty litter. My new office is a converted guest room which faces the direct sun exposure throughout the day. I put up the solar cling stuff on the window and it helped to a degree. But, the late afternoon is just the worst. And, that’s the time I need it not to be. I just can’t stay in that room for more than an hour at a time without a serious break. It has come to a point where I have to resolve the issue or I’m just not going to work. The HVAC guy came out to the house this past week to give me some options. Now, I just have to decide. I’m leaning toward the ductless heating and cooling unit. That way, I have my own thermostat.

ductless HVAC