Tough Spot Made Better with HVAC Tech

It will work out perfect for the size of this little apartment

My dad just goes on and on about how he could do so much just making $200 a week when he was my age. Oh, he had his own place, a car payment, a new wife and beer money. This is particularly helpful as I am in the sixth month of being forced to live in my parents basement or live in my car. The car did get some votes. It has been the result of transitioning to meet the labor market. It’s make $9 an hour or straight sell any semblance of your soul. There is a middle ground which is what I am attempting to find. Thus, mom and dad’s finished basement. The heating and cooling is near non existent. I can see the HVAC ductwork just can’t feel it. When the house was built, my dad chose to save on the size of the HVAC unit because he never thought he would use the basement for anything other than storage. But, he and I did turn it into something back when I was in college. It turned out decent enough. Now, I’m here for the foreseeable future so, I’m splitting some new HVAC technology with him. We have purchased a ductless mini split heating and cooling unit. This thing will be awesome. It sits way up on the wall but connects to the outside condenser unit by to tubing through a small hole in the exterior wall. It will work out perfect for the size of this little apartment. I’m also going to help him finish this place out real nice so that when I move out he can get a renter.

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