Are smart thermostats smart for you?

Everyone is raving about smart thermostats these days.

How much they save energy, how awesome they are, and how they make it so you can be lazy and not have to adjust your thermostat by hand anymore.

That is all wonderful, but the main question is, are smart thermostats actually the “smart” thing for you to invest in? It all depends on both your living situation and your lifestyle as to weather or not smart thermostats would be something that would make your life easier or more difficult. For me, smart thermostats were not the best choice. I live alone, and I do not go out to work. I actually work from home. So, when I do leave the house, it just for the common needs of life like grocery shopping and things of that nature. I am not too lazy to get up and change the temperature on the thermostat if I feel that it is too hot or too cold in my home. I have the perfect climate control in my house, because I create that perfect climate control by knowing exactly where to set my thermostat and how to keep it there. I do not need some app on a computer, website or cell phone to set my thermostat for me and turn my thermostat off and on. Now, for others I believe this is a great idea and I see how you can save time and money. But, it just is not for me. My brother on the other hand, he has a great life with his smart thermostat, and I agree, it suits him well.


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